Re: Re: What has been your experience of race in America?

Wycleft, you speak respectful, humble and secure, thank you for positioning the subject honestly.

Growing up, I became aware of various 'races' and remember society and culture emphasized along with. This may have supported me to being more interested with the similarities over the differences. Learning about world geography and history I think I realized there was much more to know and nothing needful to remain ignorant about.

Though I didn't have a significant amount of integrated interaction until my later teens, common sense supported me to not adopt the ignorance-laden fear I began to encounter from a certain ratio of the populace (no matter their race). I agreed whole-heartily with you that this ratio has decreased, meaning intelligence and common sense can prevail.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively, both domestic and abroad. As I heard stories from people who had predudicial encounters in similar locales and time frame, it came to full realization that one only has a problem or difficulty when one expects too. I've been fortunate to enjoy and appreciate a diversity of music, art, media, custom and culture. Very fortunate.

In recent years, I met, grew too love and married my mate. My wife is a brilliant and beautiful woman native to Zimbabwe, having lived in the U.S. for many years now, recently becoming a naturalized American citizen. On the surface I'm sure we 'appear' incompatible, to those who would bother to judge, yet we know our similarities are so profound we laugh. love and enjoy every day just as anyone could possibly hope too.

So, my experience of race in America has been consistently positive, and I am humbly respectful of that truth. Some-when, somehow I learned to be 'color-blind' to the slight pigmentation difference found among the human species.

Thank you again for posting an important idea.

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