Re: Re: Re: What is America's greatest challenge?

America's greatest challenge is twofold: economic decline and the risk of terrorist nuclear-radiologic attack. Economic decline currently shows up as the fall of dollars amid rises of euros, petroleum, gold, medcare, education, etc. America's people are incapable of sensing the economic collapse. The biggest factor there is the entirely fraudulent Social Security Trust Fund amid Congressional ignorance and continued meaningless calculations by junk-economists of the effects of the (non-existent) SS Trust Fund (actually debt). Second: our people have been lied to about inflation by the same junk-economists, who do not even know that the CPI is a poor measure of inflation. Current inflation goes far beyond Consumer (Chinese) Prices! Of course, I mentioned terorist nuke attack. Imagine Wall St being rendered off-limits for 100 years from radiation -- or maybe the White House -- or a big blast in LA! We Americans need to send out 2 million soldiers to vanquish the rabid terrorists. NOW!!

LinkedIn meets Tinder in this mindful networking app

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Why are women more religious than men? Because men are more willing to take risks.

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  • Sociologists have long observed a gap between the religiosity of men and women.
  • A recent study used data from several national surveys to compare religiosity, risk-taking preferences and demographic information among more than 20,000 American adolescents.
  • The results suggest that risk-taking preferences might partly explain the gender differences in religiosity.
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