Re: Re: Re: The Dilemma of Organ Donation

There should be a free market in human organs. Some people object that this would cause people without money to be exploited for their organs by people with money. (At this stage of technology we are primarily talking about kidneys since one will be functionally adequate for most people and most of us are born with two.) The paradigm at issue here is that people with money and people without money don't usually understand how much they depend on one another.

The intermidiate paradigm is that people without money are always searching for ways to obtain money. The lack of a free market for kidneys robs people without money of one available source of money. Why should I be denied the opportunity to sell one of my kidneys rather than to sell two years of my life doing data entry for your insurance company?

On the other hand, if I have put in twenty years of my life doing data entry for your insurance company and have saved enough money to pay for a kidney that will enable me to live another 10 years, why should I not have the opportunity to buy a kidney?

A free market, regulated for safety, crowds out a criminal market filled with danger. (If a "free" market has every bureaucrat skimming money off the transaction, a criminal market will thrive.)

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