Re: Re: Is the threat to Israel different today?


The threat is evolving into a resurgence of worldwide antipathy towards Jews, for being arrogant and unwilling to actually do anything besides what Israel "wants." Israel is seen as throwing gas onto the fire by sending in more settlers to the West Bank and unapologetic for the multitudes already "settled." Israel is also militarily weak, based on its loss in Lebanon. Economically, Israel appears strained increasingly by USA's economic weakness. If Iran or Mideast terrorists get nukes or radiologic weapons, the terrorists' behavior is increasingly insane. Increasingly, Israelis insist that their weapons and antimissiles are effective, as if they were American military lobbyists or bigshot Russian medal-wearers. If the USA economy tanks, that would create a big crisis for Israel, and that is a new threat. But perhaps the biggest threat is a kind of "who cares" attitude as the world gallops toward plutocracy.

How to vaccinate the world’s most vulnerable? Build global partnerships.

Pfizer's partnerships strengthen their ability to deliver vaccines in developing countries.

Susan Silbermann, Global President of Pfizer Vaccines, looks on as a health care worker administers a vaccine in Rwanda. Photo: Courtesy of Pfizer.
  • Community healthcare workers face many challenges in their work, including often traveling far distances to see their clients
  • Pfizer is helping to drive the UN's sustainable development goals through partnerships.
  • Pfizer partnered with AMP and the World Health Organization to develop a training program for healthcare workers.
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Orangutans exhibit awareness of the past

Orangutans join humans and bees in a very exclusive club

(Eugene Sim/Shutterstock)
Surprising Science
  • Orangutan mothers wait to sound a danger alarm to avoid tipping off predators to their location
  • It took a couple of researchers crawling around the Sumatran jungle to discover the phenomenon
  • This ability may come from a common ancestor
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Scientists just voted to change the definition of a kilogram

The definition of a kilogram will now be fixed to Planck's constant, a fundamental part of quantum physics.

Greg L via Wikipedia
Surprising Science
  • The new definition of a kilogram is based on a physical constant in quantum physics.
  • Unlike the current definition of a kilogram, this measurement will never change.
  • Scientists also voted to update the definitions of several other measurements in physics.
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Understand your own mind and goals via bullet journaling

Journaling can help you materialize your ambitions.

  • Organizing your thoughts can help you plan and achieve goals that might otherwise seen unobtainable.
  • The Bullet Journal method, in particular, can reduce clutter in your life by helping you visualize your future.
  • One way to view your journal might be less of a narrative and more of a timeline of decisions.
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