Re: Re: Is climate change a human rights issue?

Climate change itself may not be a human rights issue -- though evidence seems to indicate that rich nations have created most of the problem, and poor ones will bear the brunt of the costs -- but the way wealthy countries choose to respond to global warming is certainly a rights issue.

Dire poverty and its symptoms -- disease, war, famine -- kill many more humans globally, today, than climate change potentially will in the future. In terms of saving human lives, we could do much more good by alleviating poverty now, especially with positive-sum solutions like free trade and immigration, than we could by making massive sacrifices today in order to forestall global warming and reap little potential benefit tomorrow. Further, once poor nations develop, there's evidence that they start taking care of the environment, too.

Forcing anyone -- but especially the poor -- to reduce emissions is a nasty practice that puts uneven values on the lives of rich and poor humans around the world.

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