Re: Re: How is the European immigration debate different?

Governor Richardson, I absolutely agree with the necessity to respond to the immigration issue, in part, by treating immigrants to the United States as human beings. I find it incredibly frustarting that you needed to point out this necessity because it suggests the existing dehumanization of the immigrant.

However, the ridiculous arguments for building a wall across the US-Mexico border will not resolve the issues for either nation. The focus of the blame needs to shift from the immigrant to the multinational corporation. The common frustration spoken by working class U.S. families is the outsourcing of jobs to Mexico, China, India, etc. Yet, the media and politicians choose to demonize these nations and their immigrants instead of shedding light on the reasons for outsourcing. Multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart, who can guarantee low, low prices, do so by paying wages below the minimum wage, overworking socio-economically vulnerable employees, and maintaining poor living and working conditions. Despite the horrid conditions within the majority of maquilas both the media and U.S. politicians continue to gloss over these human rights issues.

By placing the majority of the political focus of the immigration issues on the immigrant, politicians are intentionally deflecting the attention of the public away from the major cause of illegal immigration into the U.S. 

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