Re: Re: How do you use Big Think?

Victoria - Congratulations to you and you colleagues. I've been stamping around BigThink, leaving my mark, for a week or so now and am totally impressed. In the past, I've never been comfortable in baring my soul in public-forums. The reason is basically that one can often be forced into defending one's views with anonymous-nobodies. Don't get me wrong, I love healthy debate [ as you might guess from some of the sensitive subjects I've touched upon ], but I like to know who I'm debating with and there credentials. To fully succeed, BigThink needs to encourage people to bare there identities, as most have to date. Another success, and maybe a first, is the way you guys have worked the links and peer-rating system. You have anticipated user-navigation exceedingly well. Can't wait for the site to go 'live' and introduce all those new debaters.

Why “shooting the messenger” is a real condition, explain scientists

Harvard psychologists discover why we dislike the people who deliver bad news.

Getty Images
Surprising Science
  • A new study looked at why people tend to "shoot the messenger".
  • It's a fact that people don't like those who deliver them bad news.
  • The effect stems from our inherent need to make sense of bad or unpredictable situations.
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Philosopher Alan Watts on the meaning of life

He reminds us that meaning is wherever we choose to look.

Photo: Pictorial Parade/Getty Images
Personal Growth
  • Alan Watts suggests there is no ultimate meaning of life, but that "the quality of our state of mind" defines meaning for us.
  • This is in contradiction to the notion that an inner essence is waiting to be discovered.
  • Paying attention to everyday, mundane objects can become highly significant, filling life with meaning.
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How to detect life on Mars

If life exists on Mars, there's a good chance it's related to us, say researchers.

Surprising Science

When MIT research scientist Christopher Carr visited a green sand beach in Hawaii at the age of 9, he probably didn't think that he'd use the little olivine crystals beneath his feet to one day search for extraterrestrial life.

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