Re: Re: Are two parties enough?

As you have stated, this is not a two party system in this country, nor has there been in a long time.  It appears to be  a system of who is the "most popular" chip we can plug into the system at the end of the race that gets the nod.  All tout that they will "change the system" but it is all rhetoric in the pursuit of "winning the grand prise" but nothing ever changes.  Studies have shown and polititians prey opon political apathy from the masses.  Most Americans want to be told sound bites and headlines to draw their opinions from, they want to vote for the person who is leading the polls, never knowing what it is that they stand for, we're convinced a single voice is irrevelent, so we go along with the crowd......and when things go wrong we quickly point to those in power and say that it is their fault

it is is our own for alowing it to happen in front of us without question.  Major media "journalists" shy away from asking the tough questions for fear of losing their spot, a pointed finger from the President to stand and lob a softball.......European journalists don't do this, and is the reason why the President is no longer interviewd by them.

We are to blame...we accept what we see as credible at face value assuming it must be true...after all they said it on TV.   We vote for people to tell us what we wish to hear and ridicule those who tell us the plain hard truth ie, Ron Paul because taht would necessitate personal engadgement and effort....and we would rather watch TV.

it's our fault.....and until we can face this hard truth we will always get the same result.......

You see the writing on the this the legacy you wish to leave your children?  We already appear to be comfortable with it the way it is for ourselves, even though in our hearts we know we are lying.

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