Re: Re: Are two parties enough?

In the United States, two parties are too much.

Partisanship is natural for humans. We seek out and align ourselves with others who share our views. Through them, we hone our ideas and gain courage from the knowledge that we are not alone in our beliefs. Partisanship gives breadth, depth and volume to our voice. In and of itself, partisanship is not only inevitable, it is healthy.

However, partisans have a penchant for denigrating those who think differently, often without considering the salient parts of the opposing points of view. Instead, they seek the power to impose their views on those who don't share them. The danger in political parties is not that they attract partisan support; it is that partisans gain control of our government.

Partisanship is healthy when it helps us give voice to our views. It is destructive when it achieves power. All ideologies, whether of the right or the left, differ from such models of extremism as Communism, National Socialism and religious fanaticism, only in the extent to which their partisans are able to impose their biases on the public.

Partisanship is a vital part of society ... provided it is always a voice and never a power. The danger is not in partisanship, it is in allowing partisans to control government.

The problem in American politics is not with alliances, parties, groups or organizations, per se. The problem is that the major political parties have arrogated to themselves the right to control our access to our government.

That is wrong!

We can do better ... much better.


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