Re: Re: Are faith and reason incompatible?

Short answer. No.

Both faith and science look to answer the unknown. the problem lies in that there are certain things that we can never know.  like what happens when you die. or how did we get here in the first place.

It is said that there are certain infallible truths, such as the laws of nature as well as mathematics. so I think everyone can agree that the universe is apparently ordered in some way shape or form.  people have been seeing this order (which some may call God) in this physical universe we find ourselves in we have developed tools of reasoning to use our past experiences of this oberved order to act in the future in a world with the same characteristics of the past.

science is a best guess now and a fix it later kind of situation.  we didn't always know that the earth wasn't in the center of the universe or that light travels in waves, but we experiment and test and continue to advance and further our base of knowledge. 

 religion attempts to not necessarily substitute for science and reasoning, but continue where science cannot go.  to the unknowable.  what is the essence of things? finding meaning in this that are undefinable like beauty, and viture.  that that is ungraspable. 

 people find satisfaction in labeling things and achieving a certain "truth" to a question or an idea.  but the problem arises when paradoxes and exceptions ruin a basis of all understanding.  that fact is. there are no facts. there is nothing that can be said that cannot be quesiotned.  besides nothing makes sense.  for example.  the big bag.  either. time infinitly regresses, (which doesn't make sense). or it started at some infinitly dense particle exploding a long time ago and made the universe what we see in the hubble today, (which doesn't make sense either).  they say science tells us that the universe is expanding.  My question is expanding into what?! nothingness??? again doesn't make sense, but the most brilliant minds of our time tell us that this is they way that it is.

 SO.  what now? a choitic and ordered universe made from scratch,that has been here forever, that has defined characteristics that can't be fully defined! EASY TO EXPLAIN! why ask anymore questions right!??

To me this is where faith comes in.  And it is definitly a leap that one has to conciously make to discredit the reasonable,and approach the unknowable or the devine or the infinite (whatever you want to call it).  the crazy "coincidences" we see in this chaotic mess of a world.  I say GOD you are right. this SH*T makes no sense!  But I know that there is SOMETHING.  I don't know what it is aND IF i COMPREHENDED THE TOTALITY OF ALL KNOWLEDGE MY HEAD WOULD MOST CERTAINLY EXPLODE. SO I TAKE THE LEAP. AND GO BEYOND REASON AND LEAVE IT TO FAITH THAT THERE IS SOMETHING MORE, SOMETHING MORE THAT IS SO CRAZY THAT IT COULD MAKE A ROUNDSQUARE.  BUT SOMETHING THAT NOBODY COULD FULLY UNDERSTAND LET ALONE EXPLAIN>

So, use science to better understand ourselves, these undefinable beings, in a physical and ordered world.  but that will only take us so far.  FAITH is needed to explain it all.  and it still fails to do that. 

so everyone need to use both.  rationality for reality, and faith for what is collectively felt but individually explained.  have a personal relationship with the voice in your head and you'll understand more than any book can explain.

because hey. this might all just be some crazy dream!

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