Re: Progress as Opportunity

In a survey of 3,714 U.S. households for my book, "The Middle-Class Millionaire," both the middle-class sample (3,128 respondents) and self-made millionaires (586) agreed that perseverance is essential to financial success. But when faced with a failure, most, 77%, of self-made millionaires, (we dubbed them "Middle-Class Millionaires") "tried again in the same field" compared just with 14% of middle-class respondents (instead they "gave up and focused on other projects," 52%).

Millionaires represent 10% of the U.S. population. While aspiration is never distributed equally among any population, the force that leads to hard work and risk-taking exists globally and needs to be encouraged in order to develop all that is possible. When governments, idealogues, economies and cultures stifle this force, we all are the worse for it. I agree, progress is opportunity.

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