Re: Origins of the Universe

In my opinion the origins of the universe is creation.

I see the way an atom works and how it relates to our solar system, which relates to our own Milky Way galaxy. Regardless of the similar structure of particles rotating around a central nucleus, I recognise that odds of something like that occuring under the evolutionary theory as almost impossible (highly improbable).

This also applies to the size and distances of the Sun/Earth/Moon relationship. The moon is the exact size needed to perfectly block out the sun so as to allow us a good view of the suns corona in the event of a solar eclipse.

The evidence of God existing is everywhere if people open their eyes and look.

The scriptures specify that the earth was created in 7 days. The term days here is a reference to a period of time. Its like an elderly person saying "Back in my day...". It's not meant to be a literal day.  

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