Re: Oliver Sacks Believes Religion is a Human Invention

I wanna say that there's alot of unexplored science behind Creationism, first of all, because in no possible way could you say anything to contradict the theory I have.  I have alot of respect for psychologists but it makes me sad when they deny the possibility of creationism, especially when it comes from someone who thinks they know how to analyze behaviour when in fact they simply cut off possibility instead of embracing it, thus failing to see their own behavioural flaw.

It's simply the fact that we live in a copy world.  If you have ever read the Secret Book of John, it sheds completely different light on creation, and there is alot of things in that book that (Well, I believe) accurately describe Genetic Memory taking an active role in it.  Whatever it says about anything else is moot for this discussion, but I believe that in a metaphorical way the rest of the text describes (To a tee) the physical dimensions of our universe, both material and immaterial.  It all depends on how you look at different levels of existing and understanding them all can be tricky. 

In essence, wherever our world existed before, it most certainly was created from memory of it.  Using this as a backbone, can you really deny either concept (Creation versus Evolution)?

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