Re: No Child Left Behind Act- For it or against it?

I am against the current incarnation of NCLB. According to an article in a journal published by the American Federation of Teachers, the statistics on a national level are indicating a decrease in the rate at which students' scores in reading have improved since the inception of NCLB.

I think the idea was honorable and worthwhile, but the implementation has sucked out all the possible good that NCLB could have achieved. Testing, testing and more testing is a waste of valuable teaching time.

Last year I was so incensed by all of the testing, that I kept my 4th grade son home! I was outraged when I realized that the 4th graders in our school had to take THREE different high stakes assessments within five weeks. My son, an enthusiastic and self-motivated learner, was STRESSED out to the point of tears because he was worried he would not do well on the writing assessment. Never mind that he'd made HUGE gains in his writing skills that year! All that would matter to the state of Florida in the end was whether or not he excelled on one 45 minute writing prompt in February. 

How is this helping our children?

How is this helping our nation?

NCLB? How about more like NCLT - "No Child Left Untested" ENOUGH ALREADY

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