Re: Money: Do we really need it?

Decided to post this as an actual responce not just a comment.

What exactly do you mean by money?

The paper curency in and off itself has no value. It is simply a catalyst for trade its worth something because we all agree to trade it for other things we consider valuble. And we can use any number of things to replace paper money but it would still be the same thing serving the same function, trade.

There are only 2 alternatives to some form of curency. One is a complete cessation of trade in which case we would not need money for trading because all individuals and families would produce themselves whatever they need. The second is barter which is trading comodities and services for other comodities. The problem with both of these is they are inefficient and lead to very significantly lower standards of living that we have today. The first because if we all produced everything we needed ourselves we would neeed to have countlees amounts of skills and not be able to prefor any of them with any degree of efficiency and quality. And it also leves little room for advancement because all time is spent surviving. Bartering is ineficient because even though it alows trade, the trade is rather limited i can trade you a service of say runing electricity trough your house, for your service of say building a roof on my house, but this trade can only comence if thers an electrician and a roofer both need the serice of the other at that time.

So what would be your alternative to money?
And is it really the paper curency that u dislike or something more general like human greed?

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