Re: Is the U.S. Ready for a Woman to be President?

I will try not to be to cynical in this. Let us imagine that the voters held the absolute power to vote in a presidential candidate. It is hard for me to to perceive our votes are not manipulated behind the scenes when it is proven our President received votes in electronic form. Whether you can prove the source of the organization who paid for this to happen is not the point, but the people are now reserving the notion our votes will never matter anymore. Being a computer technician myself and looking how the electronic voting box works I was simply shocked and made me weep a little on the inside. I might as well yell out loud who I am voting for at the booth so everyone else knows and it isn't a secret that will be erased on a disk.

I think though the U.S. is ready for a president to just uphold the law, possibly react better to disasters, and do the job given to them. Do I think women are capable of doing this? Yes indeed. Unfortunately the only women candidate is Mrs. Clinton on the roster. I say this because her campaign is filthy and I wouldn't trust her to run the U.S. Since that sort of liable comments can not be proven. I simply respond with look at her reporting finances for her campaign and make your own judgement. I think the U.S. might not even mind a President that has ill-gotten gains to be able to compete with other candidates, just as long the ideas they are selling on their image is enacted on while in office. 

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