Re: Is the political system broken? (Part 2)

Anyone who thinks the answer to this question is "no" doesn't have a good read on what the masses believe. Now, the two biggest questions that need to be answered are: HOW is it broken and WHAT can we do to fix it?

Everyone will have their own theories on what's wrong, and most likely 95% of those theories are true. Is it because a third party cannot get their foot in the door to compete with the Dem's & Repub's? Is it because very few consensuses can be reached in the House and Senate?  Is it because the American people feel their voices aren't being heard? Maybe the problem is that the government is working not for the will of the people, but for the will of those who contribute to their campaigns. Maybe the problem is the political figures aren't honest or consistent about their beliefes and what they will do, so the citizens really never know what they are getting with an elected official.

Of course, one could look at the media and place blame there - why aren't the important questions being asked or, when they are asked but a circular-logic answer is provided as a response, where's the follow-up asking for a real answer? When will the media get back to presenting both sides of the story with facts they actually ensured were accurate, thereby letting us make up our own decisions on the topic at hand?

In order to fix the system, people need to be honest and forthcoming and realize there's a difference between a discussion with opposing viewpoints and not let things escalate into an argument where people intend on changing the other person's point of view.  Once we know WHY everyone feels the system is broken, then we can talk about HOW it should be working, so we can finally determine WHAT actions need to be taken to make it better.

Until people have a forum to speak their intelligent minds freely and without fear of insulting acusatory responses, until we can come to an agreement of what is really wrong, and until there are numerous people in positions of power who aren't afraid to go against the satuts quo of our current system to make those changes happen, we will forever be stuck with the problems we have until the government finally gets overthrown (which I am NOT suggesting is the solution, mind you.)

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