Re: Is democracy a prerequisite for human rights?

A person comes into existence with human rights. No geographical area contains them and apart from any form of control that refuses to honor them they exist. I understand your point of view however I don’t see human rights ever not existing. We are endowed with inalienable rights that were recognized by the founders of the United States who were in the position to establish an area of the earth that would take the necessary actions to help others understand they do exist. Rights all too often are taken away under the auspices that they don’t exist or are unclear. When human rights are violated we all suffer. Finding a way to allow people the hold their beliefs while tolerating others is proving to be a task that is challenging and daunting. It is what makes life so interesting and tragic simultaneously. How does one define human rights without somehow placing a limit on them? Human rights are dynamic and circumstantial that are rather limited in nature yet not in scope.

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