Re: Ingrid Newkirk: Ethics Worth Fighting For

An interesting article.  I think it is a bit rich for any organisation to state "we abide by the law" while at the same time saying "we can't be responsible for the actions of individuals".  In the same vein Hammas is a political organisation, just because a few members take action that, I'm sure would be morally correct for them, which amounts to terrorist acts for others, I'm sure Hammas gets away with the same rhetoric as PETA.......or maybe not. 

 I don't have a problem with organisations having an ideology, but when they put forward an action plan for people to follow, it is just plain irresponsible to claim you are free from responsibility when people follow that action plan to its extremes.

 Suggesting Zoos should be boycotted, hasn't anyone been keeping up with the captive breeding program that seeks to keep endangered species going?  Humans have caused this problem, surely the morally appropriate thing to do would be to do something about it.

The example given of a dog trapped in a car, or what would you do if it was your animal are very emotive.  In my experience, when people find a dog trapped in a car and it looks like it's suffering, they call the authorities who then take appropriate action.  If this seems to take a bit long for some people, then they should be able to take responsibility for their actions when law enforcement turns up. With the equal opportunity legal system, the dog owner would be charged with animal cruelty offences, and the person doing the right thing may open themselves to prosecution for interfering with a motor vehicle and criminal damage.  I would hope the moral animal rights enthusiast would not whinge to authorities when the law is meted out in equal measure, remembering that the final judgement is in the court, not by the roadside or in the carpark. (you can be prosecuted and still hold the moral high ground)

 In some circumstances, peoples moral compass can lead to the right outcome, but when mob mentality, or a corporation with no responsibility, comes into it, the right thing can become somewhat skewed by the views and mission of the corporation.

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