Re: Illegal Immagration

I agree !!!!!!! The immagration should be brought into the 21st century ! I have a # (tracking devise)so should they ! They are here with more rights then (born here -freedom & american citezen) LOL! What a joke taxes taxes taxes! Pay for them to come & to think of the health &chance; of contamination issuse! My # should entitle me 2 be taken care of by the people that would like 2 visit or stay!Help pay( MY) health care (They should be free of contamination to come in !)taxes ,wars,pay (my) social security !If I choose not to work or cant ( have a bunch of( legal)working immigrants under my #!) to take care of (my )U.S given rights to owe ( excuse me support this country)!If I could add we would not &could; not work are children like they do(Immagration built this country&needs; it to keep it up)!We do need it !So in ending my point is we need compinsation for are american rights(of being a hienze 57 mutt in the world)that are no where else in the world excepted.We need to keep our country not be ethnic cleaned of our immagrant hienze 57 country!Step into the 21st century (live in it not through it )saving this country for future generations that are sure to come!

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