Re: How is technology changing the way we live?

Technology allows us to remove some barriers to our comfort, survival, on the job success, and dreams.

It also captures the interests of the target audience by allowing them to create for themselves new, rewarding lifestyle patterns.

Lifestyle change propelled by either a single or multiple incentives (e.g. raising crop survival, greater efficiency), & achieved with the aid of technology is the new benchmark by which human evolution can be measured.

One need only ask about the outcome of history, were today's innovations available & understandable to our fore-parents a century ago. (i.e. around the world)


1. We now have the choice of writing & mailing a letter to a loved one in the traditional pen, paper, & postage stamp manner, OR e-mailing said loved one.

2. Aspiring musicians trying to break into the consciousness of their target audience have the choice of recording their music, but editing same at home on a suitably equipped computer. A music sample can be produced & distributed w/o the expense of bulk CD production.

3. Composers can now handwrite music score, or create & print said score with a suitably equipped PC.

Monkey troupes or other animal groups which have learnt to use tools are still animals, but underestimating that group would be a mistake.

Unfortunately we humans seem to derive just as much pleasure from technologically advanced methods of causing destruction, & creating mayhem.

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