Re: god or no god? does it matter?

to Boyofman:

I see the point you are trying to make; however, I do not agree with what you are saying.  The purpose of the site is to share ideas, see what other people think.  That is what we are doing.  We are not using guns to prove our points and make others believe.  We are using our words to engage in intelligent arguements about these subjects.  "War does not determine who is right, it determines who is left".  However, debates and brainstorming sessions can determine who is correct. Perhaps, not on this matter because of its nature. 

I have no hatred for those who oppose my viewpoints. Infact, I welcome those arguements so that I may be able to refute them and present my side of the story.  Granted, sometimes I  may have verbally "attacked" someone, but that in no way means I would cause this person any physical harm for not seeing things my way.  Actually, we had a debate on religion last night at my house with a couple of friends over beers.  When it was over, we shook hands and there was no tension.  The way I disagree with your statement, I garuntee will not cause a war between us.

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