DIY Physics: It's Not Brain Surgery

What's the Big Idea?

"Your Gravity Theory Sucks!" Margaret Wertheim was surprised to find this comment on an order form for a self-published book called The Other Theory of Physics, written by James Carter, a trailer-park owner in Enumclaw, WA. Unlike other so-called "outsider physicists" she had encountered, apparently Carter had a sense of humor. 

Carter also seemed to have a healthy ego. After all, Carter proposed a complete alternative theory of physics, lashing out against what he called "the virus" of quantum theory, "a basket of abstractions that had mired the science in a mathematical abyss." In his alternative theory of everything, Carter explained concepts such as gravity and matter, the periodic table and the creation of the universe through "wildly creative ideas dreamed up during a life spent as a gold miner and abalone diver."