Re: Can we now continue embryonic stem cell research?

you've brought up a prime example for choice of ignorance that prevails with this subject and so many others. it's actually been a while now that stem cell research has demonstrated non-embryo related replication.
There is a research university/hospital where I live that has lead with this for over eight years now.
It's interesting that their researchers just keep their heads down and continue their work, under insightful protections, while the political and prejudicial machinations 'whirling' around them play out.
That strikes me as a great example of reason and logic towards an intention/realization that the poorly reasoned manipulation of the aforementioned will "clear" out, sooner or later.
Of course, a key component is for research to cover as many bases, as humanly possible, with ongoing checks and balances as to the next resulting or evolving solutions remaining beneficial vs. problematic.

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