Re: Alcohol

Alcohol is the cause of many problems in society and yet it doesn't attract the same level of attention as cigarette smoking.  The only credible study I know of occured in New Zealand where they endeavored to show the effects of second hand alcohol use, the assaults, damage to property etc, along with associated medical and other costs.  I can't recall what the outcome of the study was though.

 Certainly here in Australia's Northern Territory, the advers effects of alcohol are so well known that certain controls are being put in place.  Bush communities have been able to declare themselves dry communities in the past, making it an offence to possess, supply, consume alcohol in the town area.  This has recently been extended to include making it an offence to be intoxicated in the town area as well. (this also extends police powers to search houses, people and buildings where alcohol is suspected).

More recently, larger towns have been declaring themselves dry as well.  This means that it becomes an offence to consume alcohol in any public areas around the town.  People are still able to drink alcohol in bars and at home, but not in parks or recreational areas.

All this has come about in an attempt to curb the growing trend of alcohol fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour in the community.  If the majority of people had been drinking responsibly and not getting drunk and becoming a rabble, these changes may not have occured. 

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