Re: abortion is murder...

There are a few issues that are very sensitive, none more so than abortion.  I think in the end it is a personal, moral, decision, but there are many things to be considered. 

The arguement that a fetus should not be allowed to be aborted if it could survive outside the womb would be one that would consistantly see the allowable abortion range close as technology advances.  Medical advancements continually allow babies born more and more prematurely to be saved.  If a child born prematurely in the second trimester can now be saved does that mean that no second term abortions should be allowed?  How long before modern medicine is able to say a baby born in the 20th week? the 15th?

Abortion is also a financial issue.  Making it illegal would only make a difference for those who are unable to afford getting to a place where it is legal.  Say abortion is illegal in Texas but not in California.  If someone wants an abortion and is able to get to California then they can get one, but if they are too poor they will either be forced to have the child, or go to the desperate measures of back ally abortionists.  If it was illegal throughout the country it would not affect those who could get to Canada or Europe if necessary.  It would only be a law for those too poor to circumvent it. 

In the end it is a very tough moral decision that is up to the mother.  If she does not wish to have the child then who are we to force her?  I think that the system in the US is great on this issue.  They are legal up to a point, and available to those who want them.  If you choose to do it that is your choice and you will have to live with that choice your entire life, but you should be able to have an abortion if that is your choice.  If you think it is murder then you will obviously never get one.  That is fine for you but such views are not universal.

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