Rappelz: An emotion and solicitude

Leave for three years, I have quite repeatedly returned to the Rappelz game. I continue for good equipment to buy rupees. Three years of time I have played many games, but no a game can let me real input. By now I have found that the original is the lack of a person accompanying me.

Three years ago, after friends introduced, I played the Rappelz game. At that time, I dazed and confused, I like to go my own way, I have a lot of rappelz rupees, but I became the most evil villains in the game. Until I encountered her, I found the meaning of survival.   I recognized her is an occasional, When I was just upgrade and earn rappelz gold. She also just through, and she is a new player, she saw me my number is high. So she asked me how to play. And I said I was a bad people, I asked if did you not heard in this game. She said she heard, but she did not believe. I smiled. So I took her to play, I told her how to play, how to upgrade. And I apply a new number, I prepared to play with her, upgrade and earn cheap rappelz rupees together. I felt she is a good girl, I decided I must change myself for her. Later, we often played together, and we are very happy. She also became my wife. But after a few time, I met many things, I was very sad, and I did not spent a long time to play the game. I did not often to play with her. Finally, I said to her, I will leave the game. I let her find another husband. She was very sad, when I left the game, she also left.   Looking back at the past, in those days, we played together; we have no much rappelz money, we have no need equipment and no senior friends too us, but I am still playing very happy. Rappelz left everywhere in our laughter. There is only one reason is that I have her around, I would meet, everything becomes unimportant. One thing I feel very sorry, that is when I married her, mo gorgeous fireworks, mo friends of blessing. Now I have heart, I feel wronged her, I am sorry to her.   During these three years, each playing a game, I always told my friend in the game, I had a good wife; she often made for the articles I wrote to them to see. Old friends that I have in the past, how I not give up. I have also said that unclear why so much time had passed, I have also been worried about her. Now I also hope that one day she will appear in my side, pending a further year of love. This may be my imagination, but it is also my dream.
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