Put Together a Dream Team Of Criminal Athletes

OThe problem of performance-enhancing drugs is part of the headlong rush of humanity into the future that was prophesized by Aldous Huxley in his futuristic book "Brave New World," where social peace was preserved because everybody was zonked out on a drug called Soma. We're halfway there now, with half the population skunked-out on Prozac because they're disoriented by life and the drug calms them down. these zombies are hard to detect you never know whether you are talking to a normal person or a freakin Pod Person from outer space. I got a feeling that these lab rats are leading the charge to enforce conformity on the rest of us!

One astute observer has suggested that since we are never going to get rid of steroids anyway, we might as well make them mandatory for all athletes, to level the playing field. I'd like to advance this Swiftian analysis to its logical conclusion and advance the argument that since so many players and coaches are engaged in criminal behavior we could put

LinkedIn meets Tinder in this mindful networking app

Swipe right to make the connections that could change your career.

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Swipe right. Match. Meet over coffee or set up a call.

No, we aren't talking about Tinder. Introducing Shapr, a free app that helps people with synergistic professional goals and skill sets easily meet and collaborate.

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Reigning in brutality - how one man's outrage led to the Red Cross and the Geneva Conventions

The history of the Geneva Conventions tells us how the international community draws the line on brutality.

Napoleon III at the Battle of Solferino. Painting by Adolphe Yvon. 1861.
Politics & Current Affairs
  • Henry Dunant's work led to the Red Cross and conventions on treating prisoners humanely.
  • Four Geneva Conventions defined the rules for prisoners of war, torture, naval and medical personnel and more.
  • Amendments to the agreements reflect the modern world but have not been ratified by all countries.
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The most culturally chauvinist people in Europe? Greeks, new research suggests

Meanwhile, Spaniards are the least likely to say their culture is superior to others.

Image: Pew Research Center
Strange Maps
  • Survey by Pew Research Center shows great variation in chauvinism across Europe.
  • Eight most chauvinist countries are in the east, and include Russia.
  • British much more likely than French (and slightly more likely than Germans) to say their culture is "superior" to others.
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A map of London's most toxic breathing spots

Air pollution is up to five times over the EU limit in these Central London hotspots.

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  • Dirty air is an invisible killer, but an effective one.
  • More than 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year due to air pollution, a recent study estimates.
  • This map visualizes the worst places to breathe in Central London.
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