Presidental Election and Women

When it comes to any leadership role, especially a Presidential one like this, we push women to be over the top.  A "perfect" person, BUT wait a second, has not all other Presidents we have had been overly imperfect, I mean isn't that the reason that no one cares about politics?

There is no justice.  If women finally want to try, or have been, society still turns their backs on them. It seems society believes women are just baby factories, with no intelligence or prepared to do anything outside of the home, especially when they become of that age, I would guess about 30.  But, like anything, it begins early, in childhood, girls are mildly forced to become these baby makers.  And teenage years come, and they become, ignorant and stupefied, with society.  And society makes them like this; make them like to shop, eat, get married, and to be the sexual orientators with made up persuasive attractive looks.

 I have no idea how this has flourished in the first place, or how we still do not care for equality.  And it does not help if other women are always complaining, and become the ignorant stereotypes that exist.  And it does not help that there are not real role models.

So many do not Hillary should be the President.  My own 92 year old Great-Grandmother once said "its a man's job."  Its appalling to me, if someone wants to go back to the real ways of running this country, like Thomas Jefferson was and proposed, why not let someone, with experience, and loyalty take the job.  Jefferson did what was right for the county to grow.

Plus, many forget impeachment is a possibility, if it does not work out.  That's why it was ratified in the Constitution.

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