President-to-be Obama's Economic Plan

I hope President-to-be Obama realizes --
(a) Congress has the Constitutional right to simply create the money needed for his plan.
(b) The plan should focus on programs that will create real wealth -- and
(c) The government should immediately switch to double-entry bookkeeping which will mean expenditures on wealth-producing assets need not be expensed immediately -- they can be expensed in accordance with a dedicated depreciation schedule. All sensible businesses use double-entry bookkeeping and depreciation schedules. Without proper accounting, the business managers would never know the financial status of the enterprise.
(d) I suggest we start with a comprehensive natonwide water reclamation program which will include nuclear desalination plants along both coasts, and an interstate network of pipes to bring the water where it is needed. The pipes could be under, over and next-to our highways and byways.
(e) A well run program  could easily pay for itself many times over by the prodcution and sale of food.

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