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What Should we Learn from Iraq?

Withdrawing the troops from Iran is about the only truly popular thing Obama has done in the last two years. But many still think the invasion was the right decision.

What’s the Latest Development?

Polls show more than 70% support the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, roughly two-thirds oppose the war, and more than half believe it was a mistake. But there is a difference between regretting something and learning from it, writes Gary Younge. And while there is ample evidence of the former, there is little of the latter.

What’s the Big Idea?

Few Americans seem to care whether the war is going to end for Iraqis. It’s been some time since Iraq featured at all on the nation’s priorities, Younge says. “Rightly Americans fret about the fate of veterans returning to a depressed economy with a range of both physical and mental disabilities. But Iraqi civilians barely get a look-in.”

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