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U.S. “Despondent & Dysfunctional”

Spiegel sees the U. S. as despondent, hopeless, pessimistic and with a political system plagued by lobbyism and stark hatred, and incapable of reaching consistent decisions.

“The Desperate States of America are loud and distressed. The country has always been a little paranoid, but now it’s also despondent, hopeless and pessimistic. Americans have always believed in the country’s capacity for regeneration, that a new awakening is possible at any time. Now, 63 percent of Americans don’t believe that they will be able to maintain their current standard of living. And if America is indeed on the downward slope, it will have consequences for the global economy and the political world order.” “The political system, plagued by lobbyism and stark hatred, is incapable of reaching consistent or even quick decision.”


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