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Soccer’s Power Tussle

Football is a game, and when one is playing, he always tries to cheat a little bit. So says FIFA president Sepp Blatter, now facing a leadership rival in old pal Mohamed bin Hammam.

There’s a power struggle at the top of FIFA, soccer’s governing body: “Sepp Blatter, the 75-year-old Swiss who has been the organization’s president since 1998, will be challenged June 1 by Mohamed bin Hammam, a 61-year-old Qatari. Old pals to the extent that bin Hammam provided transportation for Blatter to jet around the globe for his inaugural rise to the leadership, they will now show how divisive two men can be in pursuit of personal glory. ‘Football is corrupted by all little devils which exist in the world,’ Blatter said in a speech to European delegates this week.”


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