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Losing Rahm Emanuel to Chicago

“Rahm Emanuel’s expected departure is more than just your standard White House shakeup: it costs Obama the man with the political grit and muscle to make his dreams come true.”

“Every successful administration must comprise a mix of Wonks and Enforcers, and without Rahm Emanuel, the Obama administration will be woefully ill equipped in the Enforcer department. To compare with presidents past: President Reagan had Ed Rollins and Lyn Nofziger as his enforcers; David Stockman, Martin Anderson and George Shultz were his wonks. President Clinton had himself, his wife and Jack Lew for wonkery, and James Carville for enforcing/thuggery. Even after the departure of the economics triumvirate, there are still plenty of Wonks in the Obama administration, the president himself being Wonk-in-chief. But Rahm’s departure wrecks the Enforcer quotient.”


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