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Glenn Beck Should Watch Our Van Jones Video

Glenn Beck went off on Van Jones again on his show the other night, raising the question of whether Obama’s green jobs adviser was thoroughly vetted by the administration.  “I told you, well, for the last couple of months that this guy is an avowed, self-avowed radical revolutionary communist,” Beck said.

He went on: “The president is wearing a mask. He has surrounded himself with radicals and revolutionaries…How? How? Please, help me. Read it another way. Show me the error of my ways. If you can’t do that, show me how I can get this word out to more people. How do we wake people up? How do we wake Democrats up? Democrats, is that who you are? Are you this person? Do you believe those things? If you do, we’re in much bigger trouble than I thought.”

Big Think sat down with Jones at the end of 2008 for an exclusive interview. We have an interesting footage where he talks about his values– from his earliest memory (watching the 1972 Democratic Convention) and his role models (“I grew up worshiping the Kennedy brothers and Dr. King”), to his take on American democracy and the two scenarios he pictures for the future of the world:

“I have a huge amount of faith and confidence that [the Millennial Generation is] going to step up in ways you haven’t seen a generation step up in a long time. I wanted them to start out united– to take issues of race and class and gender and sexuality seriously, but not as division points, as common ground points to say, “dagammat, you made us say the pledge of allegiance about liberty and justice for all. I want the country you promised me in kindergarten. We’re going to fight for it, we deserve it- you told us about America the Beautiful. We’re going to protect that beauty from the clear cutters and spoilers.”

Does Jones seem like a self-avowed raical revolutionary communist? You be the judge.


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