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Australian sheep farmer Peter Spencer is entering his 47th day on hunger strike after the government rendered his livelihood useless “in the name of combating climate change.”

“As you freeze your butt off in a winter whose severity the politicised weather forecasters of the Met Office utterly failed to predict, and as you wonder how you can afford gas and electricity bills which have been grotesquely inflated by taxes and legislation designed to ‘combat global warming’, spare a thought for a fellow victim of eco-fascism who’s even worse off than you. In a week or so this poor man could be dead,” writes The Telegraph blogger James Delingpole. “His name is Peter Spencer, he’s a farmer in New South Wales, and his livelihood has been stolen by the Australian government in the name of – you guessed it – ‘combating climate change.’ That’s why he is now sitting atop a windblown tower on sheep farmland rendered useless by eco-legislation, starving himself to death in protest at his government’s callous disregard for his property rights. This is his 46th day on hunger strike.”


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