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Castro’s CIA Sister

The memoirs of Juanita Castro reveal she spied for the US against her brother Fidel in the 1960s.

In a book published yesterday Juanita Castro, the sister of Cuba’s communist leader Fidel Castro, admitted to working as an agent for the CIA against her brother for the three years following America’s botched 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. “The 432-page memoir, entitled ‘My Brothers Fidel and Raul: The Secret Story’, was co-written with the Spanish-language journalist Maria Antonieta Collins. According to the publisher, Santillana USA, Ms Castro dictated the content a decade ago, but refused to publish it until now. In it Juanita – who at 76 is seven years younger than Fidel – recounts how she initially supported the 1959 revolution, only to become quickly disillusioned. Two years later, at the prompting of the wife of Brazil’s ambassador to Cuba, she agreed to meet a CIA officer during a visit to Mexico City, ostensibly to visit a sister who was living there.”


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