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“Bureaucratic Bog”

America’s Central Intelligence Agency is caught up in a “bureaucratic bog” which heightens the risk of terrorism to the USA because the system is overwhelmed, says The Washington Post.

“The Central Intelligence Agency should be asking some painful questions this week about its performance: How could a suicide bomber have flown to Detroit despite a strong warning to a CIA station that he might be a terrorist? How could a Jordanian double agent have penetrated a CIA base in Afghanistan and killed seven agency employees? Talking to veteran counterterrorism officers, I hear a common theme that unites these two disastrous lapses: The CIA has adopted bureaucratic procedures that, while intended to avoid mistakes, may actually heighten the risks. In the words of one CIA veteran, ‘You have a system that is overwhelmed.’ The two cases are very different. Yet they both illustrate what can happen when intelligence managers are eager for results but worried about risks.”


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