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The world is changing fast – are your learning tools keeping up? In a market overrun with generic corporate training and lightweight ‘edutainment,’ leadership programs run the risk of feeling dated or overly-aspirational.

That’s why companies like Marriott, Ford, and Bank of America turn to Big Think+ to develop their leaders.  Combining future-focused expert insight with best-in-class instructional design, Big Think+ offers a solution that’s built for the modern leader.

With 500+ experts and 1,200+ lessons, Big Think+ is the world’s largest library of Fortune 500 Executives, Best-Selling Authors, and Ivy League Academics

Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek
The Humanity of Leadership
Cassandra Worthy
Cassandra Worthy
How to Harness the Power of Negative Emotion
Ginny Rommetty
Ginni Rommetty
The 5 Principles of Good Power

Empower and guide leaders with the latest and most relevant topics of today.

Stanley McChrystal
Manage Risk
Stanley McChrystal
Retired U.S. Army General
Shane Battier in a suit and tie.
Data-Based Decisiveness
Shane Battier
Former NBA Player
Sarah Blakely
Be the Customer
Sarah Blakely
Founder, SPANX
Ginny Rommetty making a gesture with her hands.
Lead Through Change
Ginni Rommetty
Former CEO, IBM
Priya Parker wearing a turtle neck sweater.
Run Effective Meetings
Priya Parker
Daniel Goleman in a blue shirt with a beard.
Strengthen Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman
Psychologist & Author
Simon Sinek smiling in front of a white background.
Build Trust & Purpose
Simon Sinek
Ethnographer & Author
Sheila Heen wearing a black jacket and gold necklace.
Give Constructive Feedback
Sheila Heen
Author & Harvard Lecturer
Arianna Huffington smiling in front of a white background.
Learn to Thrive
Arianna Huffington
Founder, Huffington Post & Author
Tal Ben-Shahar wearing glasses and a purple shirt.
Tal Ben-Shahar
Author & Harvard Lecturer
Michael Strahan smiling for the camera.
Develop a Growth Mindset
Michael Strahan
TV Personality & Pro Football Hall of Famer
Liv Boeree
Master Critical Thinking
Liv Boeree
International Poker Champion

Customize Big Think+ for your leadership program

Custom Learner Experiences

Co-branded and customized platform that feels like a natural extension of your programs & integrates seamlessly with any LMS/LXP.

Thoughtful Content Curation

Unlimited curation support to map content to your leadership competencies or frameworks.

Strategic Promotion and Engagement

Ongoing promotion and awareness support to drive engagement across the organization.


“The Big Think+ team is incredibly responsive, solutions oriented, and collaborative – on top of a really unique & valuable product offering. It’s a breath of fresh air to work with them, as having such a great product and service is truly rare these days! I think they’ve got something really special with Big Think+ and am excited to go on this journey together as we develop leaders at all levels across Marriott.”

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Chris Walker, VP Global Leadership Development, Marriott International

“Big Think+ is a great partner and so easy to work with. As an organization in high growth mode, one big draw was the model that everyone in the organization could have access versus trying to manage licenses per employee. We also love the topics, the length, the guides and the accessibility. Leaders and employees are busy and finding engaging ways to develop leadership and professional skills in shorter segments makes it accessible for everyone. We utilize Big Think+ to supplement key organizational focuses and highlight important topics. In addition, leveraging Big Think+ also allows us to empower our leaders to choose topics that are relevant to them and their teams.”

Sandy Pickett wearing a black shirt.

Sandy Pickett, Senior Director, Leadership and Professional Development, The Aspen Group

“As part of our strategy to develop our leaders, we chose to work with Big Think+ to develop a curated on-demand resource hub where we feature credible & exciting experts, paired with language capabilities that allow us to offer the content to our leaders globally.”

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Marlene Hernandez, Digital Curriculum Manager, Corning


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