Daniel Dennett on Tools for Thinking Critically


Daniel C. Dennett
Philosopher, Cognitive Scientist & Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University
Daniel Dennett sitting in a chair holding a cane.

Have you ever been told to “do your research” or “think critically”? While this advice is important, how exactly to follow it can feel unclear and overwhelming. 

Enter philosophical legend, Daniel Dennett. In his new 7-part class with Big Think+ he wields the tools of philosophy and cognitive science to teach time-tested techniques to think critically and harness the power of inquiry. You’ll learn to develop healthy skepticism with a critical thinking stance, inquire collaboratively to discover new ideas and gather reliable information in the age of artificial intelligence.  

We’re excited to see how Daniel and other world-class Big Think+ business minds can help your teams think critically. Check out a sample from Daniel’s class and request a full demo below for more detail on Big Think+ Leadership.

Leaders and employees are busy and finding engaging ways to develop leadership and professional skills in shorter segments makes it accessible for everyone.

Sandy Pickett wearing a black shirt.

Sandy Pickett, Senior Director, Leadership and Professional Development, The Aspen Group

I think they’ve got something really special with BigThink+ and am excited to go on this journey together as we develop leaders at all levels across Marriott.

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Chris Walker, VP Global Leadership Development, Marriott International

As part of our strategy to develop our leaders, we chose to work with Big Think+ to develop a curated on-demand resource hub where we feature credible & exciting experts, paired with language capabilities that allow us to offer the content to our leaders globally.

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Marlene Hernandez, Digital Curriculum Manager, Corning


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