Pilgrim lesson for today

I've been thinking about free enterprise and how it is held up as a solution to world problems over socialism.  I read an email sent to me about Thanksgiving and the early days of the Pilgrims actually being socialistic and part of the reason for their starving initially.  Once they included a more reap the benefits of ones own labors approach they started to have abundance. Now I agree with this so far as it goes.  So long as people are coming from their highest self they will ultimately give back to support those who have helped them to their success.  The more highly aware the person is the more they will seek creative ways to help others gain and grow too.  Here is the rub.  Most humans are controlled by their reptilian brains and anytime we receive some small hint of fear it sets into motion unconscious decision making that is reactive and not from ones higher thinking.  Take for example all the financial reaction to every little change in the stock exchange, news, and government responses.  Few are really coming from their higher self.  Reaction causes some to try to fight the situation (eg blame others and find fault) flight (sell stocks and buy something more durable in present situation like gold and diamonds and hide till things blow over) or freeze (perhaps fall into depression, I suspect this will rise statistically.  The thing to consider in the pilgrim story that needs looking at in relationship is that when they were under the social system they were starving because those that had (youth strength and energy to provide were so ego focused as to not work because they saw no immediate benefit to them resulting low food stocks later and starvation.  It wasn't until the pilgrims started communicating that private enterprise happened.  My purpose here is to attempt to point out that a lot of the problems we are having right now are because many of those that have are reacting and attempting to control the their future by protecting what they have.  Here is what if people managed to communicate and risk what they have by keeping it in various places they had invested and we found that money was no longer tight?  Ok there may be losses in the short term but far less then pulling back creates.  The news is reporting people who had successful small business now starting to struggle because no one trusts them.  Fear escalates.  I ask where will it stop unless we find ways to believe in one another again.  It does mean also looking within ourselves to to see what is motivating us as individuals.  It's interesting that historically when disasters happen that it is often those who know how to share and work for something bigger then themselves that lead the way.  One of the things this site provides is a place to start the communication going.  There are many motivations here as anywhere.  This is a global issue and we are being given a chance as individuals to shift perception here and move into a new way of living.  Where it goes will depend on our hearts and if we come from fear or love.  To choose love it takes a conscious decision to by pass the primal brains fear response.  I hope we all find ways to overcome ego in this time.

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