Picture of my mind

Recently, the weather is becoming much colder than before so that I do not plan to go out for shopping. Without any ideas, I open the computer to keep in touch with my college friends online by QQ. After chatting with them, I get a piece of news that there is a very popular net game which has been played by a lot of young people with the FFXI Gil that is the key to the game. To tell the truth, I have no idea about the game because I am not willing to spend much time on the line, instead of doing some reading or shopping in my spare time.

However, I indeed have nothing to deal with but choose to take part in the group that my friends have set up in the world of the game. Because I do not own any FFXI gold, they send me some free gold and begin to teach me how to play the game. Of course, under their help, I gradually feel that the game is very attractive for me because there are many beautiful pictures in the game and most of them have been used by me as the table picture for my computer. Besides, I have made a lot of friends in that unreal world who can not be seen. By playing the net game, I find that the life is so wonderful that I will spend much time to stay in my bedroom to surf online by the Final Fantasy XI gold.

In the whole day, I make use of the gold that my friends give me. Because I am a new player in the game, I have run out of them and will buy FFXI Gil for the rest days. It is lucky that my friends introduce some good websites to get the gold and the price for the gold is very cheap. Therefore, I start to look for that websites and finally I see them where there is lots of cheap Final Fantasy XI Gold that is sold by a famous net company.

Most of important is that I prefer to play the net game in the cold winter and will introduce this kind of new entertainment to my other friends who are also not willing to go out. If you are worried about how to enjoy yourself in the cold weather, you may have a try in the game and you will have your picture in your mind like me.

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