Personal Trainer Chicago Training Tips Check out the rest of the personal trainer articles in this series to get into the best shape of your life. Serving Chicago as well as these Chicago IL suburbs Personal Trainer Highland Park IL,Personal Trainer Lake Forest il,Personal Trainer Northbrook Il,Personal Trainer Evanston IL,Personal Trainer Schaumburg IL There is nothing that can impact your life on how well you fell than exercise and proper nutrition. Exercise will keep your body fit and toned while proper nutrition is the fuel that your body needs to sustain itself Typically if you have unhealthy eating habits you will suffer from a lack of energy and your confidence level will be low. If you change your mindset along with your lifestyle you can be well on your way to making a difference If you want to increase your metabolic rate you should try to eat lean protein. Lean protein helps build muscle. Since muscle burns more calories it will help burn extra body fat. You can get protein from common foods like egg whites, ground turkey and chicken breast. Other source like protein shakes contain lots of protein with out having to eat a large meal To get some extra exercise in you can choose to walk. It’s easier mentally to just get up in the morning and take a quick walk on a tread mill for 20 minutes rather than waiting until the end of the day. After a few weeks not only will you look better but feel better as well. You’ll notice a difference in your energy level and your waist line will shrink, Be sure to stretch before and after each walking session so your muscles wont tighten up on you. You’ve probably heard it a million times. Drink plenty of water every day. There are 0 calories in water which by itself should convince you but also it aids in reducing fat in your system. If you want to take your fitness lifestyle to the next level consider hiring a personal trainer. They will design a program specifically for your needs. They will motivate you when you reach a plateau and keep you progressing toward your ultimate goal

LinkedIn meets Tinder in this mindful networking app

Swipe right to make the connections that could change your career.

Getty Images
Swipe right. Match. Meet over coffee or set up a call.

No, we aren't talking about Tinder. Introducing Shapr, a free app that helps people with synergistic professional goals and skill sets easily meet and collaborate.

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Dead – yes, dead – tardigrade found beneath Antarctica

A completely unexpected discovery beneath the ice.

(Goldstein Lab/Wkikpedia/Tigerspaws/Big Think)
Surprising Science
  • Scientists find remains of a tardigrade and crustaceans in a deep, frozen Antarctic lake.
  • The creatures' origin is unknown, and further study is ongoing.
  • Biology speaks up about Antarctica's history.
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This 1997 Jeff Bezos interview proves he saw the future coming

Jeff Bezos, the founder of, explains his plan for success.

Technology & Innovation
  • Jeff Bezos had a clear vision for from the start.
  • He was inspired by a statistic he learned while working at a hedge fund: In the '90s, web usage was growing at 2,300% a year.
  • Bezos explains why books, in particular, make for a perfect item to sell on the internet.
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Why are women more religious than men? Because men are more willing to take risks.

It's one factor that can help explain the religiosity gap.

Photo credit: Alina Strong on Unsplash
Culture & Religion
  • Sociologists have long observed a gap between the religiosity of men and women.
  • A recent study used data from several national surveys to compare religiosity, risk-taking preferences and demographic information among more than 20,000 American adolescents.
  • The results suggest that risk-taking preferences might partly explain the gender differences in religiosity.
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