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Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh to Join Big Think President Peter Hopkins For a Live Streamed Interview

Today’s customers expect more from leading companies and brands than they ever have before. As enlightened consumers empowered by the Internet, they have the power to propel brands to tremendous success or ultimate failure. Former Big Think guest and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh will join our president and co-founder Peter Hopkins this Friday, September 24th at 5pm ET in a live streamed interview to discuss how companies can leverage technology and social media to re-position their brand in today’s new marketing paradigm.

The live streamed interview can be seen at both the HP Input/Output Web site as well as on our home page. Big Think readers and Tony Hsieh fans alike are encouraged to submit questions on Twitter to be asked during the interview, mentioning @Zappos, @Big_Think or @IO_mod and hash-tagging #HPIO. Questions may also be submitted in the comment section below or on Big Think’s Facebook page.

This live stream interview marks the seventh in the HP Input/Output series. Thus far, the series has included interview with Chris Anderson (Editor-in-Chief of Wired), George Halvorson (CEO of Kaiser Permanente), Richard Florida (bestselling author), James Surowiecki (New Yorker staff writer), John Batelle (Founder and Chairman of Federated Media), and Jason Fried (Co-founder of 37signals). Collectively, the series aims to share the cutting-edge thoughts and opinions of some of today’s thought leaders.


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