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Who Should Be Our Heroes Today?

“We need more nurses and more burn wards Fewer actors collecting dumb awards.”

Today’s heroes are the underpaid, overworked, and overlooked people (e.g., nurses, paramedics, firemen, teachers, universal peace-keepers, etc.) who are holding together a fast deteriorating societal infrastructure…and the maligned social activists who persevere, despite formidable opposition and ostracism exerted by corrupt corporate monopolies and oligopolies.

Today’s heroes are the voices at the periphery, struggling to restore America’s former self-sufficiency and renounce the rampant mindless consumerism that has left a nation at the mercy of its trading partners, now entirely in control of America’s key manufactured goods (from TV’s to refrigerators).

That is NOT a popular sentiment in the narcissistic music biz, where the pursuit of money, sex, fame, and drugs prevails. Until those priorities change radically…until a new age of genuine rebellion arises (not simply the fake rebellion of hairstyle, fashion, and obscene behavior, in service to multi-national advertisers selling frivolous products)…then the music industry will continue to produce the worst kinds of heroes, and the nation will continue to birth even more generations of self-obsessed materialists, self-entitled hedonists, and parochial xenophobes.


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