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SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS NOW: Ethics Columnist Randy Cohen to Make a Big Think Guest Appearance

No one knows more about life’s ethical dilemmas than Randy Cohen. After spending over a decade answering readers’ questions for the New York Times Magazine column The Ethicist, Cohen has fielded thousands of queries regarding everything from whether it’s O.K. to move to higher-priced unoccupied seats at a ball game, to whether we’re obligated to blow the whistle on a friend’s cheating spouse.

Over the next week, Big Think invites you to pose your ethical questions to Randy Cohen by responding in the comments section below or by emailing them to [email protected]. Cohen will answer five of the most thought-provoking submissions during his upcoming Big Think video appearance and his responses will be released on Fridays over a period of five weeks. Check back on May 27th for the first of Cohen’s ethical explorations. 


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