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Inspired Giving…a new twist on an age-old idea

The idea of tithing, giving 10% to your church of choice, is nothing new. Yet over the years it’s energy has been tainted with the energy of “have to”. This is an idea to update tithing for the digital age and the new age.

Tithing, the idea of giving 10% to your church of choice, has been around for many years picking up an energy of “have to”, which is disharmonious to the original intent of giving from the heart without expectation to someone or something which has inspired you.  This expression of giving radiates a high vibration.

So how?  You could send cash in the mail as an anonymous option, but what if there were a digital solution?  What if PayPal had a button option for giving an amount anonymously that you could get the html code for and place on your web presence?

You may think, “Okay, that helps someone donate to me.  How does this help me donate?”

If every one or every organization had a “giving” button on their web presence, then if you felt inspired to give, you could through this method.

Imagine a world where money was circulated from the heart.  Imagine the benefit to our global fiscal fitness.

Thanks to Dr. Joe Vitale for his book, Attract Money Now, which was my Big Idea inspiration.  A digital version of the book is available for free download by visiting

To view a prototype for inspired giving (until PayPal is able to furnish html code and functionality for a “giving” button), please visit


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