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How ‘Can I Stay At Your Place?’ Became a Wonderful Life Lesson For One Man

We make certain assumptions about people we meet along the journey of life. Such as ... that they actually have a home to live in.

Leon traveled around the world.

He was in Pittsburgh for the night, and asked an acquaintance named Tony a simple question that really didn’t seem like it would lead to where it did. 

You see, unbeknownst to Leon, Tony was homeless.

Still, he offered to provide food and safety to Leon, even while on the streets of a big and intimidating city. 

Leon says it changed his life.

Learning the value of a human connection to another human being offering you those basic things, even without what’s considered by many in our society to be a basic requirement to even be human — shelter — inspired Leon then and still does today. Watch:

This experience, along with many others that Logothetis lived along the way, are documented in the book, The Kindness Diaries: One Man’s Quest to Ignite Goodwill and Transform the Lives Around the World.

If you want to see more from Logothetis, here’s an excellent place to start


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