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Marina Adshade

Economics Professor, Dalhousie University

Marina Adshade writes the blog Dollars and Sex for Big Think.  She is an assistant professor in the department of economics at Dalhousie University and teaches a popular undergraduate course called the Economics of Sex and Love. She has a Ph.D. in economics from Queen’s University. 

Too Beautiful for Me

Have you ever seen the French film Trop Belle Pour Toi? It’s the story of a married car dealer who has an affair with his very ordinary secretary. Doesn’t sound […]

Free Porn Lowers Rape Rates

A protest in Toronto last weekend against sexual assault stereotypes, affectionately called the “Sluts March”, reminded me that I have omitted (or perhaps avoided) talking about rape here on Dollars […]

Virginity for Sale

Why any man is willing to pay $3.8 million dollars for a one-time experience, when he doesn’t get a wife out of the deal, is frankly beyond economic reasoning.

Looking for Love on Facebook

The majority of people who met their current partner online did not find love through dating sites, but chat rooms (24%), social networking sites (14%), bulletin boards (8%) and a variety of different sites.