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Jonathan Fowler and Elizabeth Rodd

Big Think Video Producers

The New Who’s Who in the World Economy

There is an imbalance between economic importance in global GDP and economic voice in the setting of the global economic agenda. What’s required for the future is a rebalancing of this mismatch. 

The Art of the Five-Minute Favor

You should be willing to do something that will take 5 minutes or less for anybody. This simple notion is not only important for the purpose of being altruistic. It turns out that givers get good karma. 

Why We Still Need Critics

While additional chatter "dilutes the impact of the critic," Brantley says "I don’t think it eliminates the necessity of them."

Parenting Outside of the Comfort Zone

There is a way for parents to prepare themselves for the differences their children will manifest, and ultimately develop empathy, which is "the cornerstone of being a good parent."

How to Fix the Technology Talent Gap

A significant technology skills gap has occurred in America over the last decade or so, “causing people to not understand where the opportunities are within technology,” says Michael Kirven, who founded […]

How Far Do Women Have to Lean In?

How much of women's problems are problems because women are not leaning in, and how much of the responsibility is up to the employer to create the environment that women need or men need to succeed at work?

The Creative Class Is Still On The Rise

In 2002, Richard Florida published his celebrated book The Rise of the Creative Class about the growth of the creative workforce and its implications for the rest of the culture […]

How Parenting Became a Blood Sport

We lionize a small group of our kids and push other kids out to the margins. In doing so, we miss tremendous opportunities for them to become contributors to our society.